We're married!

About Matt


He Likes

Comics, playing the drums, and astronomy. Studying the bible. Hiking and lifting weights. Berries and citrus fruits. Star Wars. His cat Zeus.

He Dislikes

Traffic, watermelon, any kind of mess.

Favorite Food


Favorite Activity

Playing videogames

What He Likes Best About His Fiancé

Her incredible character and maturity. Her cute face. Her many different laughs.

Matt is 25 years old and lives in Beaverton, Oregon. He graduated from George Fox University in 2005 and he now works as a software developer for Axium. Matt is the proud owner of a multi-thousand dollar comic book collection, and puts his drumming skills to use helping lead worship at Ethnos Church. His other interests include: web design, the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, and updating his blog.