We're married!

Our Story

Our story begins many years ago, when we both attended Beaverton Christian Church. Matt is a few years older than Ciara, and during the high school years we knew each other in passing. The earliest memory Matt has of Ciara was at a worship team meeting, where Matt was pretty impressed with the wisdom Ciara possessed. Little did he know that small seed would blossom into marriage!

A few years passed and Matt and Ciara generally lived their own lives. Ciara's parents, Mark and Anne, served as elders at BCC for many years. Eventually, BCC planted a church called Our Place Christian Church in Hillsboro. That church in turn planted Ethnos Church. At that point, Ciara's parents left BCC to become elders at Ethnos, and to contribute to the vision of the church. Ciara also started attending Ethnos.

Matt's friend Todd had also hooked up with Ethnos, and was playing guitar there. Matt decided to visit Todd and eventually became a part of the Ethnos community. For a couple of years, Matt and Ciara got to know each better by being part of the same small community. After several years, we decided to date when the opportunity presented itself. We dated for 9 months and got engaged!

Matt took Ciara to Cannon Beach on a rainy Oregon morning. We ate breakfast at a small cafe, and since the rain had briefly stopped, Matt decided they would head up to Ecola State Park for a while. It was very windy and very cold, but Matt led Ciara to a calm area, waited impatiently for a couple people to make their way around the bend, and then dropped to one knee and popped the question! It was raining before the park and after the park, but not while we were there! Oh, by the way, Ciara accepted Matt's proposal. We hung out at the beach for a few more hours as Matt stalled for time. Then we left to go back home, where Matt had lots of Ciara's friends and family waiting for her as a suprise. Matt scored lots of points with that one.

Now we're neck deep in the rush to plan a wedding and remodel the condo we just bought. We hope you'll participate in celebrating our marriage with us!